Create a portal user again after deletion


first, I would like to thank you for this great community to get help in case of trouble :).

I deleted a portal user in Joomla and now I want to recreate the portal user out of the CRM, so the user can see his support tickets again.

The problem is that there is no “create portal user” button anymore in CRM and when I create the user manually in the Joomla portal I get the “This account does not have portal access” error.

Is there any way to recreate the Joomla portal user without recreateing the CRM user first?

Thanks in advance!

I found the solution for my problem :slight_smile: :

You have to edit the specific user in the MySQL-DB in the table “jos_users”.

Type {“sugarid”:“ID”} in the params field and save (Replace “ID” with the specific contact ID).
After that, the CRM contact has portal access again. :slight_smile:

You can find the ID in the CRM URL of the contact.