create a dashlet in leads modules

Hi everyone !

I need help !
i’ve been research in documentation and in sugarCrm community, but it didn’t helped me to resolve my issue.
I want to add a dashlet in lead module, but there is not same as the home page “add a dashlet” link in “actions” dropdown list.
The goal was to add a graphic in detail view, using fields of the own module.
Thanks for help.

What is your SuiteCRM version? Or are you still running SugarCRM?

What you ask is not possible to do.

You could achieve something similar with a bit more work, by adding to the Detail view a new field, maybe of type HTML or iFrame. Then you could reference an URL or some HTML code to show what you want.

You could make a custom entry-point to provide that content. See this thread for an example:

(see also other posts after that one).

That creates a graph in a Dashlet, but since it’s coming from a custom entry-point, you could add it in an iFrame in any other view.