Create 2 supplier modules

Hello, SuiteCRM community!

I searched a lot on forums but I did not find any way to solve my problem :dry: :

  • I have a video catalogue which is a bit like my product catalogue so i am using the product module
  • I need two relationship modules with these videos: each video has a producer and an editor.

I would like to have 3 bases, One for each, on the video side I’d like to show the producer and the editor, on the producer/editor side I’d like to have a subpanel that shows all the videos in relation.

What would you recommend to achieve that? Can I start by modifying existing modules?

Thank you a lot in advance for your help,

Baptiste :slight_smile:


I assume, One product(Video) will have only one editor and one producer.
Then you can do like, create relationship. One Editor have multiple videos, same way, One Producer have mulitple videos.

So in detailview of Video, you will have two relate field one for Editor and one for Producer.

And for Editor and producer. Either you create two separate module or create one and give them type. Producer or Editor.