Could you kindly guide me to remove this subpanel?


We´re about to deploy SuiteCRM 7.6.4 to our users, but want to simplify it as much as possible as most of our employees are not computer-friendly :whistle:

I´m trying to hide few things:
1- In Calls / Log Calls, we want to hide the Scheduling subpanel. Attached a screenshot.
2- In Accounts / Detail View - we´re trying to get rid of the Generate Letter button.
3- On the navbar there´s a quick access symbol showing things we don’t use e.g. Create Opportunity, Create Task. Where can we edit this to remove the ones we dont need?

I much appreciate any guidance regarding the above.

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Oh, we found how to hide the subpanel.

So now we only have the other two things left.

2- Edit custom/modules/Accounts/metadata/detailviewdefs.php and comment out those four lines

$viewdefs ['Accounts'] =
array (
  'DetailView' =>
  array (
    'templateMeta' =>
    array (
      'form' =>
      array (
        'buttons' =>
        array (
          0 => 'EDIT',
          1 => 'DUPLICATE',
          2 => 'DELETE',
          3 => 'FIND_DUPLICATES',
          /*'AOS_GENLET' =>
          array (
            'customCode' => '<input type="button" class="button" onClick="showPopup();" value="{$APP.LBL_GENERATE_LETTER}">',

then make a quick build and repair

best regards

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Thanks Mike. Do you have a “Buy me a beer” type link? Or something I can do to reciprocate your help?

We are here to help, so don’t worry about that, for number 3 I’ve done it before, can’t remember now how I did it, but i’ll look for it and share it with you.

best regards

You are very kind, thank you so much.

I think the only thing I have left to do is to remove the Reminders section within Accounts / Log a call (Activities) as per screenshot. But on the code I can’t really see that defined.

So in these files I can see there is a Reminder.js in an array, but commenting it out just breaks it.
custom/modules/Calls/metadata/editviewdefs.php and detailviewdefs.php

Any idea?

almost the same as the other one but this time in editviewdefs.php

/*3 =>
        array (
          0 =>
          array (
            'name' => 'reminders',
            'customCode' => '{include file="modules/Reminders/tpls/reminders.tpl"}',
            'label' => 'LBL_REMINDERS',

comment out those lines in custom/modules/Calls/metadata/editviewdefs.php then make a quick build and repair

PD: technically if you disable the reminders module in a role they wont see that, but I’ve tested that and is not working for me, dunno in latest builds

best regards

Thanks! Thats where I imagined it would be, but its not there in the editviewdefs.php file. I don’t have that code you share. Surprisingly.

I also tried disabling via roles, to no avail.

you don’t have the file or just that part of the code? if you don’t have the file you can copy it from modules/Calls/metadata/ to custom/modules/Calls/metadata, if you don’t have that part of the code that’s weird

best regards

I don’t have that part of the code, yes, weird :-/

I’ll see if I can find this part of the code elsewhere…! Thanks so much for all your help, really appreciate it