Could not Connect to the Database Only when Printing

Hello, having an odd issue where my CRM is up without issue, except when using print, it says cannot connect to the database, and to check the suitecrm.log for details. Ive checked this log and the only fatal issues I get are involving a cron job email reminder failing and a slow query, but nothing involving the database. The only oddity with this setup is, it used to have sugarcrm, then a suitecrm install added to it (not as an upgrade but a fresh install and set as the primary install), and the old IT Tech set it to print from the new CRM to the old crm (because of a QoL feature where they liked the format of the old crm printing). And its worked fine in the two years Ive been managing this server until today. I feel like it is just a simple permissions issue but I am not sure which user or what permissions need to be adjusted.

OR if someone knows enough about the index.php to tell me how to change it to print normally to the current SuiteCRM and how to copy the format over.

Thank you.

If you’re using v8:

I don’t think either of the two proposed solutions are related to the question being asked…

I wish I could offer something but I am not grasping what the question is about either, that scenario is unfamiliar to me…

How & what are you trying to print?

Could you please provide system config and screenshots?

I believe it’s about the feature in Sugar 6.5 CE where every screen had a “printer” icon in the upper right corner, click it and it would generate a paper friendly printout of the current view, in PDF format, without the unnecessary user interface items, like the menu bars, side menus, etc.

So in the current SuiteCRM, one has to click on their profile icon and hit print to print. This link was modified to go to the old crm on the same box, because of the formatting. Im not sure why they did it this way instead of changing the existing format. Im njot sure how to generate the sys config for the crm, but I will grab screenshots.

The page I shared, in posts numbered 7 and 11, there is code, which was acknowledged as a solution. Worth giving it a try.

System config means CRM, PHP, Database and OS versions.

OS: Linux SuiteCRM 2.6.32-696.16.1.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP

Web server: Apache 2.0

PHP: 7.1.12

SuiteCRM with a sugarcrm secondary install that still remains.

Which SuiteCRM version? It shows when you go to your User menu, About.