Corrupted Accounts View

Hi All

I have been stuck for a while trying to upgrade my 7.2 to 7.2.1 and yesterday while doing this I had a negative impact on my Accounts Module.

The Database is fine, as I can run a List View and Create Accounts, but I cannot open any Account, as the screen is just raw code - see attached screenshot.

I have tried

  1. Repair Relationships
  2. Rebuild and Repair
  3. Reset Module
  4. Reinstalled ThemeR

Can this be recovered or do I need to do a Fresh Install?
Can I export all my settings so that I can implement them again in the new install

Hi All

I went for a full re-install of SuiteCRM to repair this problem.

I will be more carefull in future

SuiteCRM 7.2.5 running smoothly now - most problems that I was having initially were all related to permissions. Permissions is the KEY/CRITICAL factor to a successful implementation