Copying Fields Automatically in Lead Conversion

Hi, guys!

I need your help with one issue:

How could I copy fields automatically in lead or invoice conversion?

I intend to do something like we can find at SugarCRM:

I appreciate any kind of help!

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If both records have the same field with the same name, data will be copied by SuiteCRM.

So if you have a custom field called “Age” in a Lead, and want it to be passed over to the converted Contact, all you need to do is create a new custom field in Contacts with the exact same name “Age”.

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Hi PGR, thank you for your support!

I have tried to do that but I have not success…

I have created a custom field called “cpf_a” at Account Module, a custom field called “cpf_cus” at Customer Module and the same fields name at Invoice Module, I have inserted too these fields at Account, Customer and Invoice layout, but when I convert a Quote to Invoice the stock fields like street name, account name, contact are automatically copied at Invoice Screen, but the custom fields “cpf_a” and “cpf_cus” have still blank at correspondent box…

I have installed SuitCRM by Bitnami Stack, do you believe that is some wrong at Bitnami configuration?



Thanks my friend!

After your excellent explanation I did a lot of tests and I have noticed that custom field correctly copy data between modules when convert Quotes to Invoice or lead Conversion, but there is not data copy from Account to Quotes, this issue only happens with custom fields, because stock fields like Account Name or Shipping Address has normal copy.

Do you have some advice?

Thank you!

So, just to make sure I understand what you’re talking about, the case where the fields are not copied is where?

Because I don’t know where SuiteCRM copies converts “Accounts to Quotes”… :huh:


Inside Accounts Module after click at specify account there are a subpanel Quotes and a button Create Quote.

When click that button we can see that fields about that specific account are automatically import to Quote Module, fields like billing_address_city, billing_address_country, etc

My question is how could import Account custom fields to Quotes custom fields.

Thank you!!

That’s not a “convert” action, that is simply creating a new record and setting up a relationship to the originating module… no wonder it doesn’t copy fields.

Maybe all you need is a Workflow that is triggered when the new record is created, and copies the fields you need form the related record.

If the Workflows module is not smart enough to navigate that relationship, you’ll need to use an after_save logic hook instead.

I have the same topic. Hope someone can help me, please.

Content from account custom fields should be transferred to the offer/quote (when creating a quote).

The field is called “Firmen ID”. This field exists for the account (text field).

Now, when an quote is creating, this “Firmen ID” should be includ (copy form account) in the quote.

I miss the last step/the action in the workflow. This “Firmen ID” must be fetched from the account, and then be written in the quote “Firmen ID” field.

But how can I do that? Can someone help me, please.

Many thanks in forward!

I don’t know if it’s the best solution, but I found one.

Only the “text content” of selected field ({R0} = field “Firmen ID” from “Unternehmen”) is adopted.
It´s a very simple solution, but it works for me.