Converting leads damages addresses

Hi there,

We’re converting a lot of leads at the moment, with several multi-line addresses and notes attached to the lead. I’m finding that during the lead conversion stage (i.e. when the text box for first line of address is populated on the “create account” or “create contact” screen/form), any line breaks which were previously in the address are removed, and the address format becomes ‘corrupted’. For example:

“Suite 202
1 London Road”

becomes “Suite 2021London Road”, which isn’t good and is causing a lot of manual work to rectify each time. Is there any easy fix for this?

Also, and not quite a bug but more of a help request: when you convert a lead and move the history to the account/contact, is it possible to move the history to the account but also populate the contact field in each one, so the notes are displayed in both contact and the general account notes/history list too? At the moment, it’s either or, which isn’t always ideal.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


This should be resolved in the latest SuiteCRM release.

Can you test/confirm?