Converting a Lead into a Contact doesn't allow to carry over activities if an existing contact is selected

Good evening,

I am using SuiteCRM 7.13.3

I noticed that when converting a lead into a contact, there’s the option to carry over the lead’s activities to the contact, but only if I’m making a brand new contact.
Due to a need to import data to the CRM from an external database, contacts are imported and should not be created in suiteCRM.
Ideally, I would like to create a Contact in my external database, have it imported in SuiteCRM, and then convert a Lead whom I have been working with in SuiteCRM into the imported Contact while carrying over the activities, but currently this is not an option? I seem to be able to do it if I create the contact when I convert the lead, and I can carry over the activities into a new or existing account, but I would like to carry the activities over into an existing contact and the option simply isn’t there.
How would I go about implementing this function in an upgrad-safe way?

You can try a workflow. You’d somehow have to tag the leads to have their contents moved over by workflow.

Thank you for your reply!

I’ve never tried using workflows, but it doesn’t look like they would enable me to just add the existing contact as an option to import the activities, so I imagine I’m going to need some other kind of trigger to “convert” the lead through workflow. I’ll experiment and report back

You want to start with the activity, for example calls. Then when the related lead status changes to “converted” change the relationship in the call from the lead to the contact.

I’ve never done exactly this so I can say 100% for sure, but I’m about 90% sure you can do this in workflow framework. You might have to use a calculated field to figure out who the related contact is. You’ll have to do one workflow for each activity.