Converted Leads To Accounts do not show subpanel

When I convert a Lead into an Account, then open the converted Account the subpanels do not show.

If I create an Account, the Account will show the subpanels.

How do I trace down the issue or fix the issues?

Which subpanels don’t show? Anything custom?

The subpanels need the underlying relationships to be there. If the conversion process doesn’t “transfer” the relationships from the source record to the target record, a blank subpanel would appear.

And it is not obvious exactly which relationships should be transferred. Different people will desire different things.

None of the subpanels show. I don’t mean that they are blank subpanels, I mean the area where the subpanels would normally be present is empty. Accounts show zero, none, nada, subpanels when a Lead is converted to an Account.

Accounts should at least show the Contacts subpanel.

There is a record in the accounts_contacts table of the database for the account/contact.

This is also a default relationship that cannot be deleted and the relationship does show in
Studio->Contacts Relationship → Many to Many. The same for Accounts.

I get this error on converted (Leads->Account) accounts:

The errors in the suitecrm.log is:

Wed Jun 28 13:43:21 2023 [9367][1][ERROR] sub panel row count can not be negative

Nothing in the error_log.txt

I had created a custom extension that formated the date:

<?php if (!defined('sugarEntry') || !sugarEntry) die('Not A Valid Entry Point'); class FormatDateListViewHook { public function formatDateEntered(SugarBean $bean, $event, $arguments) { $bean->date_entered = (new DateTime($bean->date_entered))->format('F d, Y - h:i a'); } } I removed the extension and all is well.
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