Convert Targets into Contacts

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I want to Convert Targets into Contacts directly (Tragets -> Contacts). Could someone please tell me where the Targets Module is and which file I have to modify?



Actually, converting from one module to the other doesn’t have any generic code in SuiteCRM that you can simply “use”. You would need ot look at the current code for Leads and adapt. I think it won’t be easy to do.

You can try a simplified process via Workflow. You can mark a target for conversion via some special field, then have a “On save” workflow pick that event up and create a new Contact and copy over some fields.

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Hi @pgr,

Thank you for your answer. The Idea with Workflow is fine but I actually need two Modules like Leads so I can have two separated Lists.

Like on this pic belov:

I made a reasearch on google I found that to duplicate Lead Module I have to consider these things:

1\ copy the folder
2\ replace all the names (Beans, Table names, etc) in a batch
3\ insert acl_actions table
4\ register the module in custom/Extension/application/Ext/Include/
5\ add into the lang in custom/Extension/application/Ext/Language/

File to change:

languge pack

set developer mode

"it is possible to clone a module. easiest way is to use an installable package and unzip it. then refactor the code, the folders and it’s manifest file with the new module names.

Just changing the table names in the modules vardefs will not work as expected, because the table name should be the downcased module name."

Can you confirm?



I really don’t know, never tried it. It is, of course, possible, but your success will depend largely on your PHP abilities.

Remember these core modules are very tied to many parts of the system - I fear you will get tangled up trying to make this work. But you can try it, if you want.

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ok, I hope someone will give me other tipps or suggestions too…I really appreciate it.