Convert Quote to Invoice just shows a white page


i just want to convert a quote to an invoice as i do it every day and after clicking the button “convert to invoice” i got a blanc white page. Normally i get the Form to edit the Invoice prefilled with the data of the quote.

Any ideas?

I cant remind that i have change anything in the system.


please specify your SuiteCRM version, server’s config, and compare your files with git source if you have or not touched something. Also a good thing to do is to see your logs, suitecrm’s and webserver’s logs

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Which Folders should i exacly compare? Quotes / Invoices? - I think this belongs just to the convert to invoice process.

Which log level should i use?

Seems that there is an error in calling the submit from of the Invoice? No new invoice is created, only if i go to invoice module and create its working correct.

Thanks so far.

and for errors just watch your SuiteCRM’s and your webserver’s logs

best regards

Thank you.

Hopefully i get this fixed. I haven`t the feeling to get this under control.
I have no idea how this could happen.

The only thing i changed was adding a empty studio.php in the targetlist folder to get the targetlist module shown in the studio.

File is exacly the same.

And no errors in the logs.

Is it possible that this happens caused by an custom module too invoice relationship?

Can i replace some files with the GIT Hub Files to check if it is working? Which one should i?