Convert a 'Lead' from a custom module to a Contact


Is it possible to Convert a person from a custom module to the Contact module?
The reasoning behind this requirement is the implementation of several separate lead avenues with their own custom fields.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Not by default, you would have to custom code that functionality.

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Hi Gerrit, did you ever figure out how to do this?

I also want to use different types of leads that i want to convert to different types of accounts each with their own (required) fields.

Hi dspaan,

I’m afraid not :frowning:
I found guides on how to change the code,
but unfortunately our suiteCRM solution is hosted, so I can’t access the files.

Let me know if you want me to push you in the direction of the guide I found

Good luck!

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Sure Gerrit, share that documentation. I have suitecrm installed on my own server. Thanks!

Hi again,

I found these two documents on how to accomplish this.
As I mentioned before, I never had a chance to test this.

Also from memory, you’d have to include the Convert button to the module.
I’m not sure if this is covered in these articles.

I hope you succeed!

Thanks, that is really helpful. I didn’t find these when searching the web. I will experiment with this and report back here.

hi did you manage to solve this?

Unfortunately not.