Content of "Related to" dropdown

I am working on a project with suitecrm and I do not need many of the modules. I hide all modules I will not use in the “display modules and subpanels” but when I create a new task in the “related to” dropdown list, all the hidden modules still are there (bug, project, target, etc).
Anyone knows how to change the “related to” contents?


Have you tried creating a a role (admin > Roles Management) , Disable all the modules you do not need, and apply that role to a user (User profile > Then sub- panel Roles, (probably best not applied to the admin account),

Hopefully this should go some distance to what you want to achieve.

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Hi mnvs,

As far as I know, you have to change the next dropdown lists:


For make that go to: Admin section --> Developer Tools --> Dropdown Editor. Here you can delete any module that you want.


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Hi peted,
I tried hiding modules, creating a role and settign “access” to disable to all those modules, but users still can see them in the “related to” dropdown lists.Maybe I am missing something…

Hi jjmartinez,
I tried your solution and it works.