Contacts & Cases - API


Currently i am creating Cases via API. When i am trying to edit the case from the panel, it’s required to add Account Name before saving. I haven’t found any option to remove the Account Name from being required on Cases.

Also i would like to assign a Contact Name to Cases instead of Account Name. Can this be achieved? Is it via Relationships the only way to link a case to a Contact?


Two ways to solve this:

  1. Simple unelegant way

Create a generic account that all cases are linked to
Create a new relate field in studio which relates to contacts, use that as your “account name” field instead

  1. More complex way but more elegant

Clone cases module to custom directory
Change vardef for account to point to contacts instead of accounts

Unfortunately I am not well versed enough in SuiteCRM to give step-by-steps but my understanding is that these would be the two options for solving the problem.

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Thank you for your suggestions i will give it a try.

I wouldn’t recommend cloning the Cases module because you will lose much functionality on the cloned module (cases updates threaded, case from email, portal, etc).

I think the first proposed way is actually mode elegant. Add the needed fields and relationships.

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