Contact list not there in Select Popup from contact subpanel

Hi Everyone,
In Opportunity module,Contacts subpanel is there in that when i create contact no contact create , so i click select option but in popup no contact list to select.
Please help me.

Maybe in a popup filter added for account name that’s the reason no contact display in select contact list so Can you please check it.
If filter added for Account Name then clear filter and then click on search and it’ll display contact list for select

Can you please tell us your SuiteCRM Version. We’ve checked in SuiteCRM-7.13.0 for the Same Module and we didn’t face any kind of issue for Contact Subpanel in the Opportunity Module.

Hi jessica1,
Thank you for your reply.

from Admin/studio/contacts/pop-view i hide the Account name and also from pop-up list-view i hide the Account name but still contact list not coming. Can you please check from your side.

Suitecrm version:- 7.11.8
PHP Version:- 7.4

Even if you hide Account Name from Studio it’ll consider default account Name filter for select contact in opportunity so no need to hide Account Name from studio. You can just follow below steps as mentioned below,

Once you click on Select, popup will open and you can see the account name is auto fill up in the Account Name Field so click on Clear Button. And after that click on Search button so it’ll display select contact list as shown in below screenshot

Hi jessica,
i follow your steps it working,but how many times i clear then search, and from subpanel when i create new contact and save it not mapped and also it not available in contact list view.How to fix it.