Contact Distribution


I would like to know is there any plugin in the store or a way via API to make distribution while creating a Contact to an agent with specific criteria?

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You mean you wants to assign a record based on the contacts details? like specific source, country etc… then you may go through workflow documentation


Hi there, could you elaborate on what you mean by distribution? I assume you mean who the contact is assigned to? In this case you I guess you would be best to make use of CRM sided workflows or a custom Cron job.

Via API I’m not so sure on the best way to handle this, is there a reason you would prefer to handle this via API?

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Exactly yes. Let’s say if a Contact is registered in Country lets say UK. I should assign somehow a rule to agent Country Of Uk and when it’s created should automatically assigned to one of them.

Yes based on the Contact details to assign to the correct Agent. Thank you for your reply will have a look into them.

Yes, you can achieve it by workflow.