Contact - Accounts subpanel missing

Hi all,

  1. As Contacts is a Many to Many relationship with Accounts, should an Account subpanel be visible on the Contact view? Is this possible to add?
  2. If a Contact can only be linked to One account by default (which seems to be the case), then during Lead conversion why is the Account not being saved to the Contact?

It looks like you could use this little background reading

To get some of the behaviours you’re looking for, some small code customizations might be needed. Can you code?


Thanks for the quick reply and the link. That is how I understood the Account/Contact relationship to work but it is a bit bizarre.

When I am converting a Lead to a new Contact, I select the Account on the Lead Conversion Contact form and save. The CRM creates the new Contact, the account_contacts relationship and the Contact is visible from the Account’s Contact subpanel - all as expected.

However, from the Contact view, the Account field is empty despite the relationship being there. I have to go to the Contact edit page and re-select the Account and save - only then is the Account name populated from the Contact side. I hope that makes sense?

I can code although I’m still at the bottom of the learning curve for SuiteCRM! I just want to get the Lead conversion working more than anything. Adding Account subpanels to the Contact view can come at a later date.