Connecting Suite CRM to QLikview


Is there a way to connect SuiteCRM to Qlikview?

I am also interested in this issue

Did either of you get anywhere with this.

What we do is just use the sql connector from Qlikview to grab data out of Suite, and if we want pretty real time graphics we use iframes within the suitecrm to show the data from qlikview we added a field into accounts that has our account number, and that is used to control a lot of what is shown on these qlikview pages. So it’s x page from qkickview with the customer no on the end.

Would be great to have a SuiteCRM connector for Qlik View and Sense!

Differentia Consulting uses SuiteCRM and is a Qlik reseller in the UK that has built a reputation for #SmarterBI applications. One of which Smarter.CRM is built on Sugar/Suite. This gives a client a 365 B-) degree view of their data. (360 from SuiteCRM and 5 from data gleaned from other sources eg Doorda).

This means that, yes we can add an iframe and include back to SuiteCRM but even better we can make SuiteCRM avoid the need to train anyone on additional reporting tools.

If your business is about customer care and you use Sugar or Suite then Qlik is a great tool for measuring customer engagement over time.