Connecting fields between two different Modules


I’m facing the following problem:
I’ve created a field (a multiple choice list) under the module “Contacts” and the same for “Accounts”. How can I create a connection between those? Meaning that if I change something in the Contact entry that it is automatically deployed under the Account the contact belongs to - and vice versa.

Looking forward to your answers!


With PHP, you can use a logic hook.

From the UI, if the two fields are really the same and use the same values internally, you can try using a Workflow, though I am not sure it will work:

Let’s assume your fields to connect are called contactsChoice and accountsChoice respectively.

  • Workflow module: Contacts
  • On save
  • all records
  • repeated runs checked
  • conditions: contactsChoice / equal to / any change
  • actions: module Accounts / Add field: accountsChoice / Field / contactsChoice

Other way without any programming.Create a relationship-module e.g. “Contacts-Account” with 1-1 relationship to Contacts ans a 1-1 relationship to Accounts. And in the “Contacts-Account” module you have your multiple chioce list.