Configure Tabs (tried everything)

Hi there, I’ve tried to increase the number of tabs on suitecrm but it doesn’t work. in a previous version i was able to do so under theme settings but that option is now gone. am currently on suitecrm 7.1.4. (it was also unavailabe in 7.1.2)
I’ve also changed the setting on config_overide.php to $sugar_config[‘default_max_tabs’] = 15; then repaired & rebuilt but it didn’t work.
then i’ve tried changing $sugar_config[‘default_max_tabs’] = 15; on the original config.php then repaired and rebuilt but it didn’t work.
I’ve also tried the rebuild config file option but nothing.

Please help & thanks for the amazing work you guys are doing.

Hi there,

Have you tried changing it in the config.php file?

Do you have group tabs on?

Can you show a snippet of your config_override.php file where you’ve made the change?



  1. yes i’ve tried changing it in the config.php file, then repaired but it didn’t work.

  2. i have attached the snapshot of my config_overide.php

  3. are group tabs the same as module menu filters (admin>module menu filters)? if they are mine are turned off (user>advanced>module menu filters). if they aren’t how do i turn them on?

finally got some time today to solve this issue that’s been bugging me.
The solution was actually simple.
simply “reset user preferences” and my navigation tabs are now matching the number of tabs that i set in my config.php