Configure SuiteCRM and Exchange to send/receive emails

I have searched and read every thread I could find to configure SuiteCRM or SugarCRM to send/receive emails between CRM and Exchange. I have created the appropriate Exchange Connectors and have tested SMTP via telnet on the SuiteCRM server. Everything works but I still cannot send/receive emails.

Currently, when I try to send a test email, SuiteCRM says "The following From address failed: " I confirmed I can send from/to the email addresses I entered using telnet. I am not requiring security. The port numbers are set correctly.

I have also paid for support from SalesAgility and am now requesting professional help. I plan to post the results here for others. I am simply out of time and must get this working now.

Hi Nick,

My apologies for not noticing your purchase of support. I will escalate your issue as a case in our CRM and this will be dealt with accordingly.

You will receive an email with the case details and once you receive this please post all relevant information for us to resolve your issue.