Conditional dropdown list's options

Hi there,

I know it is possible to do it with SugarCRM so I guess it is also possible with SuiteCRM but I don’t remember how …

I explain myself :
I would like to build a dynamic dropdown list, for example which contains 4 entries on contact module for example.
If the contact is a developer, you just have the first two answers. But if he’s a CTO, he could see the four options.

Do someone know how could I implement that please ?

Thanks by advance,


Hi there,

You create a standard drop down field type in the module and create the drop down list for that drop down field.

You then create a dynamic drop down list and when creating the drop down elements, when adding the drop down key(not the display label) you prefix the value with the value in the parent drop down.

For example:

Parent drop down value = TestOption

Key you enter for dynamic drop down value: TestOption_Option1

This means Option1 is dependent on TestOption being selected in the parent drop down.




Thanks for your answer.
However, I know dependant dropdown but it’s not my needs.
Indeed, I need to display only some options of my dropdown if the connected user is a sales rep or a sales director.
So I cannot add another dropdown.

Once more, I’m pretty sure it is possible with specific development in SugarCRM but I don’t remember how … I’ve done that with 6.5.14 version … what a fool I am lol

Any ideas ?

Thanks by advance,



Hi Will,

It is possible do this but with date fields?
Like this

Dropdown option 1 > shows date field “A”
Dropdown option 2 > shows date field “B” and text field “X”

Thank you.