Concerns with website speed/loading/page refreshes

Hello, We have been using suitecrm for a number of years and it actually does pretty much what we need. We are very happy with the system itself however do have some issue with page loads / speeds.

We’ve been considering moving to a cloud based solution such as ZohoCRM or for our CRM as after trialing these platforms we see that everything is more ‘interactive’ on screen. What I mean by that is… If you load something it doesn’t necessarily have to reload the entire screen - it all happens within the same screen and refreshes without a total page refresh (I am unsure on the technical name for this in terms of web functionality) but it’s like things change within the live web page without a full page refresh.

Is it possible to get this same experience with suitecrm?

Some issues we’re experiencing is for example doing a mass update on 150 leads causes the website to break. You click submit on the change and the website goes to a white page and loads for 30+ seconds before breaking.

I understand this may be due to the limitation of our web hosting where suitecrm is held but I am really wondering if there’s a way to get faster loading / sections of page refreshes without a full page refresh / no page crashes from using suitecrm?

Please note I am using a version of suitecrm from 2018 and have never considered updating or unsure if there is a way of doing this to better the general functionality of the platform.

Many thanks in advance for the advice anyone can offer.

It is very insecure to use a 2018 version. You’re probably also using a very old PHP version, which doubles the insecurity.

About the “refreshing” just parts of the page, that’s sometimes referred to as AJAX. Do you happen to have turned off Ajax in SuiteCRM? There is an old error message that recommends that (not a good idea, IMHO).

But I’d say your real problem is server maintenance and performance tuning. Check your memory_limit and other PHP settings, check your database for overgrown tables (the most common cause of SuiteCRM slowing down).

If you have phpMyAdmin access try running the first query in this post, you might be surprised at what you find:

Also - old PHP versions are much slower than new ones.

Also new hardware has alot more RAM than old hardware !
Are you running your database on SSD -which is much faster than an old-style hard disk.

Also - if you have been running for many years - you may have some tables that are too bulky - can you list the size of the biggest 5 or 10 tables.

Looking in the footer of every page -what is the ‘Server response time’ it shows there, for the pages that ‘feel slow’ to your users? If there is no such value in pages -check it is enabled in your admin:

  • admin/System / Display server response times:

Regards the usability

these platforms we see that everything is more ‘interactive’ on screen.

you mean this I guess

Note that later Suite 7.X versions allow editing of just one part of the page -WITHOUT refreshing the whole page. (using the widespread web technology of AJAX calls).

And the very latest Version 8 - uses even more of that kind of technology - becoming a Single Page Application like above.