Composing email from Email templates menu (Suite 7.9)

To whom it may concern,

It seems to be a bug, as multiple users are repporting it.
Im relativly new to the forum, so please forgive me when im posting in the wrong category.

I came across three items in the last 48 hours, describing the same issue.

It seems there is a bug within the emailtemplates and sending them.
(Sending PDF via email is a part of the same routine.)

The “From” field, (dropdown) stays empty, resulting in a “message not send, contact system admin”.

I had a closer look with an external source.
It seems like fieldname: from_addr_name isnt pointing anywhere, at least its not gathering data.

Extensive searches made me add new DNS records with SPF, check and doublecheck on the SMTP part.
All is functioning from withing system emails, Im receiving system generated reports in my email, so email sending works!
Except the send quote/inoice/pdf via email, again, as there are multiple reports about it, and extensive searching and testing, i think this should qualify as a bug with priority. This will result in less messages on the forum and result in a better customer satisfaction on fresh installations. (I still have to convice my employer SuiteCRM is the right choice!

Thanks in advance, all!