Compose email from drop down duplicate entry

Using SuiteCRM 8.1.2. In the process of getting outbound email working I tried several account setups, eventually getting it working. But in compose email, the From drop down shows two options. The first is not working, and the second works. This is a pain for sales people to have to pull this menu down for every outgoing email. I’ve checked the outbound_email table in the database, and there are three entries, but two are marked deleted, and the remaining is the correct one, so why are there two options in the pull down?
The first has the correct label in the pulldown but next to it says (Reply-to: email_address, From:email_address). The second entry as the same correct label, but next to it is different: (Reply-to: Label <email_address>, From: Label <email_address>)
Any ideas on why this is happening, how to delete the first one, or make the 2nd one the default so the pull down is not necessary?

Correction - the first entry DOES work, but the recipient email has the smtp user name as the From name in the email, which in our case is apikey as we are using sendgrid for outgoing email. The 2nd option shows the correct From label.