Combined Fields in Layout

I’m curious how one can accomplish combined fields in forms. Similar to the Contacts Module where First Name shows a combination of Salutation and First Name but is treated as a single field to be laid down in the layout views.

I have a group of checkboxes that I’d like to but on a single line. There are 5 checkboxes and using an individual space for each one is a poor use of real estate.

So is there a way to put all 5 checkboxes in a single item but it retains all 5 options for use in PDF templates. I user can choose more that 1 checkbox.

This isn’t going to be very easy because SuiteCRM layouts have a complex architecture. Of course you can hack anything, it’s open-source and you can change every aspect of the code, but it’s hard to do it correctly, retaining Studio functionality, etc.

Here you can see an example of changing a label in the Detail View:

of course you start playing around and changing a lot of HTML until you get what you want… in my example, I end the function by calling parent:display() which will apply all the normal processing to the view. But you can go around that and really reprogram the display.