Colums dont sorting on dashlet Tab

Hi , i am trying to sort custom Tab on Home view page , but it doesnt work :frowning:


What version of SuiteCRM are you using to achieve this issue?

What Module is “Students”, is it a custom one, or a renamed core module?

When you say “it doesnt work”, could you clarify this?

What issues are you having with the sorting? (i.e, clicking does nothing, sorts the wrong direction, etc…)

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Students its a custom module , but also dont dork with all modules.

The same issue was here

Hi Smoorfy,

I’m currently unable to replicate this im afraid.

What version of SuiteCRM are you experiencing this issue on?

Is this version an Upgrade from a previous version, or a fresh install?

Does it occur on any particular theme, or just SuiteR?

Hi John ,
version of Suite CRM 7.6
it is a new install.(fresh)
But its not upgrade save . if U wont to update your suite its possible that this problem returns.
Yes its only for SuiteR Theme.

Hi Smoorfy,

I was attempting this, (and failing to replicate), on 7.7.4.
I have attempted this in 7.6.5, and am able to replicate.

However, as I was unable to replicate in 7.7.4, its possible that it has been resolved in one of releases since 7.6.X

I would recommend trying out 7.7.4 to see if you can still replicate this issue.
(Either by Upgrading, Installing a clean copy, or by our demo instance:

If you do so, are you still able to replicate?

Hi John,
In 7.7.4 fix it , but we still use 7.6 ,because have a lot of customization and something can crash on new version. Thats why we change retrieve_dash_page.php on 198 line .
change $_POST to $_REQUEST and all works fine =)