Column heading changes not cascading down

Hi. We have just installed SuiteCRM and I’m running through some training and examples. One of them had a tip " Click the header in any column on the role grid and you can set the rights for the whole column at one time" but I’m unable to use this.

In other words the changes made in the headers do not cascade down to all the values within the role creation interface.

Did we forget to do something during installatoin?

Hi, welcome.

You forgot to tell us your SuiteCRM version number?

This is likely a known issue, I’ve seen this before (recently). It seems the column headers are not working in some versions… :frowning:

Thank you pgr

we are running on version 7.11.0

We went to the link but the suggested changes did not work.

It doesn’t have a fix yet.

Keep an eye on that GitHub issue, I hope we can come up with something soon.

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I used the following code to change all values to the 1st option:

selectTags = EditView.getElementsByTagName("select");

for(var i = 0; i < selectTags.length; i++) {
  selectTags[i].selectedIndex =0;

Open F12 (dev tools) in Chrome, paste it in Console tab and Hit Enter. Then save the form.