Cloning Environments

It would be great to be able to create a new user’s existing environment from a template. Maybe there is a way at least non-programmatically. For instance, I’m setting up a bunch of users/employees and I have recreate everything from scratch for each instance. Basically, setting up Tabs and dashlets for the main page dashboard. If these could be cloned and reused, this would be a great time saver.


Ok. Dumb Question. Quickly Disregard. I see there is a duplicate button to replicate an employee. I’ll see how fully it carries this through.


Maybe not so dumb. It would be great if we could extend the duplicate employee feature to include the dashboard setup.

Yes same problems. I’d like to define a dashboard for one user, disable modification from Administration panel and then create 20 cloned user with only name and email different.
This should be great because to redefine dashboard for a lot of user is a time consuming job.
Any idea?