Client ID Issue


I have a client ID issue. We use multiple systems and the clients details dont stay updated across them and get lost. I want to allocate one client ID number that can be used across multiple systems so we can track them.

Does anyone know of a way to allocate client ID numbers in Suite? I’m setting up the imports at the moment and doing ti manually and planning to add them in using a text field.

Any better ideas?



The IDs used in the SuiteCRM database for every record are normally GUIDs (things like cbffdd8e-1e55-97b0-96a0-58f76ffe9bfd) but they don’t have to be. You can use whatever you want in that field, as long as it’s unique.

So you can import your clients’ IDs into that field, instead of keeping it in a separate field. This might have advantages.

You would need to do something about the creation of new records on SuiteCRM, if you want to integrate that with the existing numbering scheme. This would be a PHP code customization.

From what you’re describing you don’t just need a way to match IDs across systems, you need a way to integrate 2 systems. You need some automatic procedures to keep data in sync across systems.