Client access to information in SuiteCRM


I would like to know how client access is managed in SuiteCRM.

That’s what I want :

  1. My client creates an account on my website and gives some information about him.
  2. Creation of the corresponding “Contact” in SuiteCRM
  3. My client can add, modify or delete information from my website interface but with specific rights, depending of his/her situation : he can only see opportunities/accounts/contacts information that are related to him.

How can I handle that ? Do I have to use an admin user ? Do I have to create one user per contact ?


Sorry, your question isn’t clear.

Do you already have a web portal for this? as this isn’t something out the box. you need to invest in setting a portal that 1. works with your website (which you didn’t mention 2. provides with what you need.

Have you looked at SuiteCRM Store for plugins?

My web portal isn’t ready yet.

But I will have different types of contacts (=clients) and depending on this type, the client will have different rights in writing and reading.

Right but you have the authority to build this web portal or are you looking for a ‘pre-built’ ones?
My recommendation would be to check out those plugins if they help for inspiration.

I can only suggest a possible solution:

  • that you could create a unique role which you assign to the contact when they are created via your portal by either logic hook or workflow
  • (optional) that role contains information of what that role can and can not access.
  • then you would have logic on your web portal to get the logged in contact’s role and make the appropriate calls depending on the roles’s access attributes.

That make sense?

Forgot to state that my possible solution is only an idea and it isn’t something out the box and requires code customisations and a portal to adapt :slight_smile: