Click-to-call setting missed in System Settings

Hallo, I just upgraded to 7.11.12.
Before upgrade I could click on any telephone number field, to activate the call with a Chrome Extension.
Now I get ALSO a new browser window opened, resulting in a 404 not found page relating to SuiteCrm.
I’m looking for a click-to-call setting in Admin pages, but I cannot find it

You upgraded to 7.11.12 from which version? There have been changes to click-to-call, but they happened quite some time ago…

Also, please share what the URL looks like, when you put your mouse over the phone number. In my test system I get URL’s like this:


Note that…

  • some phone number formats might not work (try different ways of writing the number, with prefix, without, etc)

  • this might also depend on configurations on your Chrome extension

  • a browser extension is (supposedly) not needed. If you have a software installed in your OS (Windows for example) that handles phone-calls, it should register the tel: URI, and clicking on it would just work.

I upgraded from 7.11.10.
Based on your suggestions I made some extensive testing.
The telephone number is in format 05211626557, I’m located in Italy, so +39 is supposed, but this is not the problem.
There are some interferences with 3cx (my PBX) extension for chrome, as I usually make call from the web client of the web.
When I Place the mouse on the phone number is see the link to http:///suitecrm/05211626557, because is the chrome extension that change the link; so the url is open when I click. Uninstalling the extension the 404 page do not open any more.
Changing an option in the Chrome extension, I see the link tel:05211626557; unfortunately the call do not start any more with the extension.
I will make some more investigation on the extension too.

The problem anyway raised after the 7.11.12 upgrade, or in conjunction of some other automatic update

Thank you


I have few questions

Q) From which version of SuiteCRM, you have upgraded to 7.11.12?

Q) Did you install any Extension for Click to Call functionality or made some customization in your CRM?

Q) Before upgrading to 7.11.12, Did you able to see the click-to-call setting in the Admin Page?

please share details to understand more about your issue


A system-wide telURI definition should allow you to run a link such as


… direcrtly from Windows. Hit Windows key and R (image ) and then type that number. Does it start the call?

If it does, then SuiteCRM click-to-call should work, without any browser extensions. If not, check your phone app configuration.

I confirm that the PBX web client I’m using do not support tel: url.
I actually can click to call just using a Chrome Extension.

Thank you very much for the support

Note that this is a Windows configuration - you might still be able to get it to work.

Use this tutorial or any other similar one

Yes, but the web client is a web page; even if I choose Chrome as the default app the tel: protocol doesn’t call the pbx.
Here is a link, but the support answered many times on the question.

3CX, the pbx producer, has a windows client that support the tel: protocol

Yes, this makes sense to me - if it isn’t a Windows client, it won’t work via the Windows configuration.

But for our part, SuiteCRM is doing what it should - then it’s up to your phone app to either

  • get the Windows call if it’s a native Windows app
  • use a browser add-on to pass the call from one tab to the other, if it’s a web-based client

But for our part, SuiteCRM is doing what it should

Yes, now it is clear to me.
Thank you for your support

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