Cleaning Data - Deleting targets based on list association


Looking to find a way to clean out bounced and other invalid data. It seems the only way to delete target records is individually or via a search that cannot be done by list association but only by name, email address etc.

Any ideas on how to do this or is delving into the database required - hesitant to do is as unsure what else would break.

Thanks :cheer:



I’ve just had exactly the same dilemma, but yes, I solved it through the database with the following SQL statement:

UPDATE suitecrm.email_addresses SET invalid_email = 1 WHERE trim(’’’’ from email_address_caps) REGEXP “.(EMAIL@DOMAIN.COM|EMAIL2@DOMAIN.COM).”;

using the pipe character to separate addresses. I uppercased all the addresses before putting them in there. Not 100% perfect, but did the job for me.


Hi Sam,

That looks sensible. I’ll see if I can implement that (taking a backup before of course!) this week.

I’ll post the results.