Circular dependency in DI detected for AppStateStore

Hey there,

I am getting a Circular dependency in DI detected for AppStateStore when I try to rebuild the SuiteCRM 8. I am getting the following error on the Web Browser Developer Tools Console:

Error: NG0200: Circular dependency in DI detected for AppStateStore. Find more at
    Angular 6
    Angular 4
    Angular 4
    NotificationsService_Factory notifications.service.ts:50
    Angular 4
    Angular 4
    AppInit_Factory app-initializer.ts:55
    Angular 49
    60790 bootstrap.ts:12
    invoke zone.js:372
    run zone.js:134
    scheduleResolveOrReject zone.js:1276
    invokeTask zone.js:406
    runTask zone.js:178
    drainMicroTaskQueue zone.js:582

So, what happens is:

  1. AppStateStore uses NotificationsService
  2. NotificationsService uses RecordThreadStoreFactory
  3. RecordThreadStoreFactory uses RecordListStoreFactory
  4. RecordListStoreFactory uses AppStateStore

There are no errors logged during the Build Process or ng serve. Angular, Node and Yarn - all versions are compatible, too.

Any help in this regard is appreciable.