Checking Module Possibility

Good evening guys,

I’m trying to check in on this to make sure that it can be done before I really dig in to try to learn about how it could be achieved.

What I’d like to do is connect the SuiteCRM to a separate mySQL database (or possibly upload tables into the SuiteCRM database and draw from those. It would display tables of the databases’ contents with forms to add/edit the rows with different view contents depending on their privlege level (like a heirarchy). And also the ability to convert those records into graphs and such so that we can chart and project.


What you describe sounds pretty much like standard SuiteCRM modules so yes it can be done but you will need to learn how to create custom modules for SuiteCRM. A good place to start is the module builder that’s built into Suite. You cant do anything fancy with it but it will allow to create a basic module and deploy it into your Suite instance. You can then go in and start editing the code to do what you want. Be warned though it is a very steep learning curve. Information on building SugarCRM and SuiteCRM module will be helpful to you.