Check Inbound mailboxes does not fillin Contact name

Good Afternoon,

I just recently installed suiteCRM 7.1.2. I am having an issue with the Check Inbound mailboxes.

We are using the group inbox import feature in SuiteCRM to bring in emails and associate them with contacts, accounts, leads, etc. This is working well except it does not fill in the Contact Name column in suitecrm, but does associate the email with the appropriate person.

QuickCRM seems to be using the Contact Name field to make the association so many emails are not properly being displayed.

I would greatly appreciate any help with this as email association is a big part of my implementation.

Some system info.

We are running suiteCRM 7.1.2.

We are running QuickCRM


Hi there,

It seems to only show the contact name when the email is set to read. I will check/test this.



Hi Will,

I did some testing/research and found the extension email_to_sugar.php by blak3r.

Following the php code in the file I was able to create emails_beans records to associate the contact with the email.

Now they show up in QuickCRM.