Charts Dashlet not publish date

After upgrading to 7.6.4 the chart dashlets are not publishing any data. Only the titles.

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upgrading from which version? have you read the release notes if there is something changed in dashlets? have you tried to remove them and add them again?

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i upgrated from 7.4.3 to 7.6.4

I removed them all and them and add them again. The same result.

I also went to Admin and i made Rebuild JS Grouping Files

But the same result.

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7.5 had a mayor update in Reports and Dashlets, please run a Quick Build & Repair, check your file permissions, I’ve SuiteCRM from the beginning and my dashlets are working great.

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I run Quick Repair and Rebuild and the same result

File Permission are ok

I use the CRM for 2 years now and all was ok

I never had version 7.5

I upgrated from 7.4.3 to 7.6.4

Maybe is the problem with PHP as i have 5.6.20

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no, your php version is supported

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just found the solution

I had in custom/modules/Home an index.php which was created old.

As soon as i replaced it with the updated from core worked perfect.

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