Chart Dashlets not populating

We are trying to use the SuiteCRM at an executive level to manage pipelines and forecast future sales. The chart Dashlets look very promising but I cannot seem to get them to populate data.

Hi there,

There may be a filter on the dashlet. Have you clicked the pencil icon and cleared anything selected and saved? Can you provide a screenshot? I presume you have entered the data into the relevant modules?



I have added data into all the modules to include real data with closing dates and outcomes. I have also made sure permissions on the cache folder are set correctly and that the cache file has been dumped to prevent it reading old data, I tried running the Diagnostic Tool and it hangs at 15% going through the database schema. I have run quick repair and the full repair.

I uploaded KReports and I am able to pull the Data I need. So the data exists.

Can you do Ctrl+Shift+K(Firefox)/Ctrl+Shift+J(Chrome) to see if there are any errors when you load the homepage? Are you able to turn on error reporting? Can you check your sugarcrm.log?

No errors in Chrome, I will turn on the error logs and see what I get.


try change your PHP server configuration for 5.3 (native) em cpanel.

i solved the same problem with that simple change

NOTE: to add dashlets, you have to have in php 5.3 or higher, if you can not add nothing

I changed the path in the environment variables to 5.3 but suitecrm still is using the 5.5. Where do I change the path to PHP in suitecrm.

Ok so I have fixed numerous issues with one change. I am running Windows Server 2008. I went into the IIS manager and went to the site. I used PHP manager on the site itself to adjust the PHP call back to 5.3 from 5.5. As soon as I did this the problems were resolved. Thanks for the help.