Changing theme not reflecting to all users

Hello all
I am changing current theme but it only reflecting in admin not all users why is it so ? I want one same theme for all users.

From where you are changing the theme. The theme layout is based on the profile of that user. So that is are saved in user’s preference. So You need to go through each user’s profile and update the theme.

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Oh I am changing it from users profile. Means i have to it individually for each user ok Thanks. is there any other way to do it for all from settings ?

Yes, You are correct, You have to do it for each user individually.
I am not sure any other easy way to do.

Ok Thank you for your help

One way to do it is by restricting the sub-themes the system presents and by setting up the default sub-theme for the system. That way you can control theme selection for all users. That can be accomplish by modifying file themedef.php

Here is a guide on how to add a sub-theme.

That sample can help us to understand how the theme configuration works and we can easily find out how to delete sub-themes we don’t need. We can setup the default theme from there as well.