Changing the label from related field


I’ve got a problem with changing the label name.

I created new module - Post. Then i wanted to add there reference to receiver and sender (Accounts), so I created two relations
(Studio -> Accounts -> Relationships -> Add (Account OneToMany Post) )

It meets my expectations except one thing - In post I’ve got two Labels Account, but I want them to be Receiver and Sender.
Where should I look for this, which func i should change ?

You usually set the label when creating the relationship. Are you able to see them in the labels in studio? There is a drop down a the top right of the labels screen. Make sure you have set it to All Labels.

  1. I tried to set the label with creating relationship, but it show up as a name of subpanel in Accounts, not as a Label of a field in POCZTA obcject.

  2. In Studio it looks like that:

Module Accounts

It is OK, but

Module POCZTA:
LBL_ACCOUNTS_PCZ_POCZTA_1_FROM_ACCOUNTS_TITLE: Account <- there should be Receiver
LBL_ACCOUNTS_PCZ_POCZTA_2_FROM_ACCOUNTS_TITLE: Account <- there should be Sender

When I try to change the name of this label, and click on save & deploy, then name return to Account again

  1. I set it to all labels ;/