changing meeting note colour in the calendar


Is it possible to change the meetings’ colour in the calendar?
I am planning to change the colour depending on whom it was assigned.

Can anyone please guide me what file should I check for this to happen?


Out of the box, you can’t change the colours of items on Calender via Studio or through the CRM.
You can change the colours of items in general through the code, this can be found in the file /modules/calendar/CalendarDisplay.php
However, you are not able to make items be different colours depending on user as this would mean pretty sizable changes to your code.
And making changes here would likely not be upgrade safe.

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Hi John,

Thank you.

Just came up with a solution. Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Will,

I want to color depending with status of meeting (planned/held/not held), so can i customize in source code


can you share with us how did you manage it?

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This no longer works for me in 7.7.8.

CAL.add_item_to_grid appears to have been omitted in Cal.js?


Colouring calendar entries by status is a really helpful visual tool.

How might i go about achieving this in the latest version now that Cal.js has been changed?