Changes in History & Activity Subpanel View

Hi Folks,

I have got requirements related to make changes in the List View of History and Activity Sub-panel.
Kindly check the requirement and screenshot for better understanding and suggest how we can achieve this.

Please check the below screen shot. in order to know the status we have to open the activity first before we proceed for every account.

It would be very convenient if the remark’s preview be made visible. To accommodate remarks columns like Contact, Category and Date Modified can be removed.

Assigned User column is also of no use and can be removed.


Changing the Activities/History subpanels can be a bit awkward due to the way they are built
Changes can’t be made in the CRM, as far as I’m aware, and have to be done via code

I’ve found some links to some pages that detail how to make changes to these, (or at least, how to get started), hopefully these can point in the right direction:

(Though the latter two are for sugar, and might be a little outdated, it should still be largely the same)