Change "X" character for selected

My users are caught up on the use of a red “x” to indicate something is selected.

They feel it’s showing a negative indicator of the field being selected.

Can the red “x” be changed to a green “checkmark”?

Which screen exactly?

Can you post a screenshot (on )?

I don’t think SuiteCRM uses red crosses, you probably have a problem with your icon set…

Please tell us also which versions of SuiteCRM you’re using.

Thanks for checking into this.

It’s the red ‘x’ icons that are everywhere in the SuiteCRM UI. I prefer them to be green checkmarks.

Version 7.10.4
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

They are checkmarks on my SuiteCRM :slight_smile:

I suggest upgrading to the latest 7.10.7 (or wait for 7.10.8 which will be coming out very soon, though I’m not sure when).

Can you show me what your checkmarks look like. Something I can shoot for.

Hi rdolishny

That is an interesting request. If you want to change the colour of the checkboxes you will need to edit the image itself (either add a new one or replace the red one) and compile it (since it is SASS). Do you have coding experience?

The image you are looking for is:


Hope that helps.

@samus-aran he probably doesn’t need to customize the check marks, he just needs the icons to show. This was a common problem in his version, when we changed the icon-set, it didn’t update correctly in some cases. So that red cross is just his browser complaining it didn’t find an icon.

This is what it should be looking like:

@rdolishny can you try the upgrade to 7.10.7?

Will try the upgrade and maybe also swap out that PNG. Thank you everyone @pgr @samus-aran

Old thread but I am having the same issue but with

Version 7.11.13
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Hi @Chris0002,

Please make sure file /themes/SuiteP/images/forms/check.png exists.

If it does, make sure file permissions are correct as stated in the documentation: