Change URL of SuiteCRM Instance

Dear All,

Please suggest from where i can change URL of SuiteCRM Instance. I am not able to find any option in Admin section. We need to change it as now the new URL is different from the initial URL given during 1st time wizard

Please suggest



The URL for your SuiteCRM installation is not something that is configurable within SuiteCRM. The URL is composed of the directory on your webserver where you copied the SuiteCRM files before starting the installation.

For example, if you copied/downloaded SuiteCRM files to /var/www/suitecrm/ on a Linux system, the URL would be:

http://<server name>/suitecrm

Assuming you want to change the directory, “suitecrm” in this case, you can just access the filesystem on your webserver and rename the directory. So if you rename the directory to /var/www/SaumyaCRM/, the new URL would be:

http://<server name>/SaumyaCRM

Hope this helps!

really? my url is https:// but links in cases are http://
This is not configurable? oO

well it is in config.php >> ‘site_url’

So, thats how you do it. I guess.

that worked fine. thanks