Change the list view of products to display images


we’ve got the pictures being displayed in the detail view but not in the list view.
I assume I need to add a tpl file for the list view, edit from a default one and maybe even create a view in PHP?

Can I just copy the default for the module AOS_Products?
In which folder would I create my files (I assume modules/AOS_Products/tpls belongs to the core package so I should not change anything in order to be able to upgrade?)

Thank you in advance,

Anyone? :unsure:

You’re supposed to be able to add images through Studio.

Are you getting this bug, seeing images in lists as broken links?

Let me correct myself, adding images in subpanels is not working in Studio.

I also submitted that as an issue a while ago. Luckily for you, my issue contains a description of how to do it manually: