Change sub panel title icon in SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM have a default Pound sign (.SVG) icon for invoice subpanel under the details of SuiteCRM. So please can anyone guide me to how can i change it from Pound sign to Dollar sign?

Thanks in advance.

If you find a dollar svg online you can replace these files.

If you like I used this. You may want to check the originals for the size though and update the width and height accordingly.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<svg xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" version="1.1" viewBox="0 0 295.82 295.82" enable-background="new 0 0 295.82 295.82" width="20px" height="20px">
      <path d="M147.91,0C66.124,0,0,66.124,0,147.91s66.124,147.91,147.91,147.91s147.91-66.124,147.91-147.91S229.696,0,147.91,0z     M147.91,278.419c-71.345,0-130.509-59.164-130.509-130.509S76.565,17.401,147.91,17.401S278.419,76.565,278.419,147.91    S219.255,278.419,147.91,278.419z" fill="#FFFFFF"/>
      <path d="m184.453,116.588c0,5.22 3.48,8.701 8.701,8.701 5.22,0 8.701-3.48 8.701-8.701 0-20.342-19.751-36.351-45.243-39.379v-7.605c0-5.22-3.48-8.701-8.701-8.701-5.22,0-8.701,3.48-8.701,8.701v7.605c-25.493,3.045-45.243,19.037-45.243,39.379s19.751,36.351 45.243,39.379v45.087c-15.383-2.558-27.842-11.537-27.842-21.821 0-5.22-3.48-8.701-8.701-8.701-5.22,0-8.701,3.48-8.701,8.701 0,20.342 19.751,36.351 45.243,39.379v7.604c0,5.22 3.48,8.701 8.701,8.701 5.22,0 8.701-3.48 8.701-8.701v-7.605c25.493-3.045 45.243-19.037 45.243-39.379s-19.751-36.351-45.243-39.379v-45.086c15.383,2.558 27.842,11.537 27.842,21.821zm-73.085,0c0-10.284 12.459-19.263 27.842-21.821v43.642c-15.383-2.558-27.842-11.537-27.842-21.821zm73.085,62.644c0,10.284-12.459,19.263-27.842,21.821v-43.642c15.383,2.558 27.842,11.538 27.842,21.821z" fill="#FFFFFF"/>

I’m having the same issue…

(Btw, there is another one … the currency symbol inside a rectangle, for Invoices … AOS_Invoices etc.).

I found some .png dollar symbols online and tried resizing them, making them white on a transparent background and then converting to .svg … with no luck.

The edges were fuzzy and had a lot of artifacts around the edge of the white dollar symbol.

Has anyone else run into the same issue, or even solved the problem?

The UK Pound symbol is not a major issue, but it would be nice to be able to show a local currency graphic.

You’re right on the invoices.

It’s probably best to get an SVG to start. Here is a link to where I think I found mine.

I’ll check it out. Thanks!