Change sorting of the subpanel

Hi there,

is it possible to change the sorting of the subpanels below the Info panel for a company? I tried several things within the studio app, but nothing changed in the subpanels.

I want to change only a few fields in the contacts subpanel. For example:

Name, City, State


Position, Name, Phone, Email.

All fields are available in the database. But where can i choose them? It would be great to get some important information without to open the subpanel.

A hint would be great.

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To get an impression:

Hi Mo,

If you go to Admin > Studio.
Here, select the Module you want to Edit the Subpanel for, then select the “Subpanels” option.
In this menu, select the Subpanel you want to edit.

This will take you to a menu similar to the one I have attached an image of.
You can make changes to the order of fields and click Save & Deploy.

John, again thank you very much for your reply. It´s really a shame. I had the solution in front of my eyes but i always pushed the wrong button. It worked fine. Thank you again for your help. Btw. do you know where i can get a good overview about the possibilities within SuiteCRM? There are not so many videos on Youtube or others FAQs.



Hi Mo,
There isn’t much in terms of Documentation on SuiteCRM. At the moment, you could look at the SuiteCRM Wiki:
or, some of the SugarCRM documentation may help:

However, there is a User Guide in the works for future releases that will cover basic functionality of the CRM.

Thanks for this thread.

Is there a way to get the sort order based on one of the columns? For instance, I have added TASK NUMBER to the SubPanel of Project Tasks in Projects. I want to show that list in the TASK NUMBER ORDER by default every time it is displayed.