Change selection of fields to search for linked relationship fields

when I have an EditView in module B with a relationship field in it referencing module A, I can click on the 'cursor button to get a search window over the data in the module A to which the field is referencing. The fields that are offered for searching, how can I adjust the list of fields offered for searching the records of the referenced module? It seems like they are the ones that are set in Studio as ‘advanced filter’ options.

Can I somehow set for a relationship search dialogue an own set of search fields without altering the advanced filter for module A, this one should stay as it is. I just want to limit the choice when referencing the module via the relationship field in module B.

I have SuiteCrm 7.11.x


Relate field pop up window search will be configured from “Popup View-> Popup Search” not from Filter->Advance Filter.

Please follow the below steps to configure the search of the popup window:-

  1. Go to Admin
  2. Open the Studio.
  3. Go to module and open the Layouts.
  4. Go to “Popup View”.
  5. Click on Popup Search.
  6. Now you can manage the popup window search.

Thank You!