Change SAML EntityID from HTTP to HTTPS

I installed SuiteCRM from the AWS Marketplace and then enabled LetsEncrypt following this:

sudo /opt/bitnami/bncert-tool

I also enabled redirection from HTTP to HTTPS through the same wizard and I’m successfully using the website in HTTPS mode without a problem.

The problem comes in when I was trying to integrate Duo SSO where I realized that my SAML EntityID ( is reporting as HTTP but SSO needs HTTPS.


Questions: How am I able to change the EntityID to HTTPS?


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Which value do you have in variable $sugar_config['site_url'] in file config.php?

@p.konetskiy That did the trick. It was set to http:// and after changing it I am not seeing the same errors as before.

Much appreciated!

(now dealing with XSRF due to beign redirected from Duo’s SSO website so will be editing config file some more)


I recommend to use file config_override.php for changing parameters.


Yes, that is actually what I ended up doing. The overrides file was already available and I just edited it to change the site_url to https.